Monday, August 22, 2011

For those of you who aren’t yet aware of Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman’s epic win over the felony wiretapping charges that Greenfield, MA was holding over their heads, here it is.  Watch and learn as the dynamic copblocking duo smashes this Nixon-era “crime”, which was purportedly put in place to keep the government from spying on it’s citizens.

Now, why Massachusetts is pursuing something like this again after such a brutal loss, I do not know.

Here’s the link for the second part, once your’e finished with the first:


So, I’m considering starting a “Human Right To Record Public Officials Day” event - (Name Pending)


This is the kind of brainwashing propaganda that is going to get a lot of innocent people wrongfully arrested, assaulted, robbed and ultimately persecuted based on the irrational fear that is constantly perpetuated by governments and other power-hungry institutions.

Check out the following PDF - provided by the NYCLU at  Documenting activities of institutions that operate on stolen money(taxes) is not a crime - in fact, it should be a common duty amongst the people to hold those institutions accountable for the actions they take.


Four years ago, Boston police officers arrested a man for videotaping them making an arrest in a public park.

They charged Simon Glik with felony wiretapping, disturbing the peace and aiding the escape of a prisoner – even though all he did was hold up a video camera – and the man they were arresting did not escape.

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